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“Would you PLEASE let all the wonderful staff at HG know how much we LOVED today’s family event!!! Everything was wonderful, right from the front door with the very nice valet gentlemen. Our children loved the bounce house, of course, and the magician, but the balloon artist was a very special touch! She was truly gifted and the smiles on the faces of our little ones was priceless! Our parents were thrilled to share this event with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. As mother said to us as we left: we made another special memory! We truly appreciate your support and care for them and we look forward to participating in more family occasions. Thanks again.”  Debi C. 

“I first want to tell you how absolutely wonderful the festivities were last night!!!! I am not kidding you…it was absolutely wonderful to see the residents, families and staff having such a great time. I also noticed there was something very unique about you and your employees…they not only were there, but they seemed to be happy and joyful they were there!!!! This is a huge compliment to you and the facility!! The attitudes and very caring demeanors were shining and I am sure many had worked all day or even came in to help?? It was amazing to see such warm and caring individuals mingle with the residents and their families. I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of genuine feelings of ‘we care’!!! I am so happy that Mom is making the transition with such wonderful people and professionals. It is not an easy job and every day is not great, but you have certainly defined the culture and expectations!!”  Margie S’s daughter

“We have nothing but positive things to report about Highgrove. Our 87-year-old physically active mother was in another assisted living/personal care facility for over two years. She loves it here at Highgrove with the food, activities, friendly staff and many friends to socialize with. They provide assistance with her daily medication administration and transport her to some of her extra activities several times a week. She is glad not to have to depend on her children all the time to get her where she wants to go! They have been very accommodating and we feel she is safe and well cared for. Most important to us is that she is so much happier since her move. Moving a parent is never easy, but this was a great decision!”  Anonymous, SeniorAdvisor.com

“These folks seem to really care about their residents and their well being. The facility is beautiful and the food is great. Great social programs. You won’t be disappointed!” Anonymous, SeniorAdvisor.com

“High grove at Tates Creek was excellent and it was my friend’s first choice. They showed us a list of activities and all the facilities. They’re going to have around 50 activities a month. I would say they’re all rated very high when it comes to that. The rooms were more of an apartment type.” SB, Caring.com

“It’s the people–the grounds and building are beautiful, but the staff and directors make all the difference. The kindnesses and attention that have been shown to my husband have been inspirational.” Marta H. 

“We love Highgrove at Tates Creek! The administration, staff and residents are the best. My mom has been a resident at Highgrove for six months. She has received fantastic care and made a lot of new friends. To me, Highgrove is much more than a senior living facility. It’s like a big warm family!! We couldn’t ask for anything more, thank you!” Anonymous, SeniorAdvisor.com

“Highgrove kind of had all those aspects that I was looking for for my mom. For instance a lot more normal kind of lifestyle things: the club, the happy hour, the ability to go out, outdoor living, which is really important to my mom. And she had the ability to choose from the options that they had here. Dining that would allow you to order from a menu, those kinds of things.

I think that with mother here, I feel it’s given her some safety, some security, while still honoring her independence. And that’s been a comfort for me, that I’m not thinking she’s by herself. She’s very social and she has lots of friends. Lots of activities, which she did not have in her condo. My husband and I were her social outlets, probably for quite a while.” Kathy W.  

“The facilities are top notch. The staff is very kind and thoughtful. They go above and beyond to make the residents feel at home. The supervision is outstanding.” Lexington, KY Family

“When I first entered the door at Highgrove, I knew I had found the right spot for my father to reside. He is respected and cared for in a safe and lovely spot. My husband and I have frequently commented that we hope we are as lucky as he when we reach his age!” EJH, SeniorAdvisor.com

“I felt I should make the change. I was getting older, my husband and I are getting older, I have a big home. And so I thought I should make that change. And I saw this building going up and what I saw I liked. Opening day, I came and I fell in love with it. From the management all the way down, absolutely great.

The chapel I do appreciate having because I visited it the other day and they have a mass every last Friday of the month. I look forward to that and that’s a nice feeling right there. And if I have nothing better to do, I walk up to the chapel and there’s always someone there having a service. That’s a nice feeling, too.” Dot H.

“After searching and visiting many communities in Lexington, we found the perfect home for our parents at HighGrove! They are still able to live together after 66 years of marriage because of the support and care of the amazing staff here. Dad has been the primary caregiver for mom since she developed Alzheimer’s. Living at Highgrove has given him the help and assistance needed for her. They love having neighbors and not feeling so isolated as before. They’ve even connected with some church friends here! I can’t say enough about everyone who is a part of the Highgrove family. They have provided wonderful guidance in helping us navigate through the moving process and decision making. The ladies who care for mom are amazing and so patient. We were impressed with the memory care unit being in the same building if needed. Thank you, Autumn, for always having an open door. Many thanks to the wellness nurses who are so helpful and always available. Thank you for your endless smiles and answers to any questions! So many to thank for making each day a little easier and brighter for every resident at Highgrove. It’s very comforting to know that your loved ones are being cared for like family.” Mary Beth R., SeniorAdvisor.com

“My mom just loves this place. It is friendly, helpful and fun. The staff goes above and beyond what is asked of them and they have been patient with me who is a novice caregiver. Every day is a new learning day and they help get us through it all. Great job and keep going!” oakmontusa, SeniorAdvisor.com 

“My father, who is 94, moved to Highgrove in May of 2016 after living independently. It was his choice after seeing the beautiful facility to make his move to assisted living. The staff has been outstanding with attention to every detail of his needs.”  Marilyn155526, Caring.com

“The staff is what really makes Highgrove a 5-star facility. They are so helpful, informative, caring and genuinely concerned about the residents. Even though it’s only been a short time my parents have lived here, I have peace of mind knowing they are in such a great place. From the time we first met the staff at move in, it was a positive experience.”  Susan C., SeniorAdvisor.com 

“Employees care about residents, treat them with kindness and respect. They are available when needed.” Anonymous, SeniorAdvisor.com 

“Highgrove at Tates Creek is a beautiful senior living facility. My mom has been a resident at Highgrove for over a year and we love EVERYTHING about it! From the administrative staff, across-the-board we couldn’t ask for more. My mom has adjusted nicely and refers to her caregivers as ‘family.’ We have found Highgrove to be a loving, caring environment and the perfect place for her. We are so grateful. Thank you!” Grace J.