"We chose Highgrove at Tates Creek for my mom and stepdad because it's close to our home. One is in assisted living and one is in memory care. They care about both of them and they've been very helpful in helping my mother adjust to my stepdad being in memory care. They've gone out of their way to be helpful, they have. They both like the food and they have a lot of activities. The facility is very visually appealing and they're very comfortable. They also have a chapel, they have a library, they have a movie room. It's pretty much the standard rate, which I think is a lot because I've never had to do this before, but it's pretty much the going rate. It's located close to everything." Judi (Caring.com)

"I think it's great! I like the opportunity to talk to the other residents. I love the decor around the building. The employees' only job is to make the residents happy." Louis H. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Highgrove is a good place for me because the staff and what they have to offer like cleaning services. Good job with keeping up with the building." Sharon S. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"I like living here, I think it's well ran. I think they have done all the right things to deal with the pandemic. My family is very happy with me here." Billie C. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"I like living here b/c it's a very nice place. Its very clean and pretty, fantastic!!" Margie S. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"I have been here ever since it opened and I love it. Not too many people that it is overwhelming but enough people to make friends. I enjoy all the activities that are offered. I also feel safe with how the employees have protected us from COVID-19." Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"I love it. It is beautiful and has awesome employees. A very welcoming place." Rachel W. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"It looks very appealing to the eye. The staff are great & very helpful and kind." El K. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"I think it is amazing. Everybody is very nice and welcoming." Linda M. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"I love the food and how nice the employees are." Ann G. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"I did an in-person tour of Highgrove at Tates Creek. It was really good. I love it. It was for assisted living for my mom. It was very clean. All of the staff that we met were just over-the-top, but in a good way. They were very nice. We just really enjoyed our visit. They ended up giving my mom the lunch that they had served for that day. It was a special for that day. They served other things, but it was the special that they gave to her. The menu was really good. I could tell that the place was well kept. It just looked really nice. What I liked about the rooms is that they had really high ceilings. It makes you feel like you can breathe, when you could get high ceilings. We were there probably late afternoon, and they were getting ready to have what they call happy hour. I saw them setting up for that. The staff members were really nice." Sherri (Caring.com)

"We've chosen Highgrove at Tates Creek for my sister. We just signed the papers yesterday. I liked it a lot. Everything was clean, the people were nice, and it was closer to us than some of the others. It was active. The rooms were nice and clean and accessible. I'm impressed with everybody. Everybody's very congenial and nice. They had a dining room that's spacious. I thought it was a little bit dark, but they said they were going to take out the whole end of the area and put glass. Well, they have all the amenities that I needed. She has access to the beauty shop and, you know, just all the things that anyone with memory care would need assistance with. I thought they had everything." CH (Caring.com)

"I visited this facility. We really liked Highgrove at Tates Creek. We looked at both the independent and assisted living. They have a group of cottages on the campus for independent living. We looked at those two-bedroom cottages. They were very nice and very reasonably priced. My sister-in-law is going into assisted living, so we also looked at an assisted living apartment, and it was very nice too. Highgrove at Tates Creek is fairly new. They've only been open about four years. I really liked everything about it. The curb appeal driving up is a very stately, white-brick building that is just really nice on the outside. Inside, it is laid out and appointed very well. Whoever designed it really thought through. They thought about what they wanted and where they wanted to put it and how they want it to look. The person who gave us the tour is the director of independent living, and she was extremely nice and helpful. They gave us a really good tour. She is a really friendly and very sociable person. We met some of the others, and we really liked everybody we met there. It's just a real friendly place. They all look nice and they have basically the same amenities, but it's the little things that really set them apart. One of the things we liked about Highgrove is when you walk in there, there is a little black poodle who comes to greet you. His name is Henry Highgrove. He roams the halls and greets everybody. He's the canine concierge. We're dog people, and I thought that was really nice. That was one of the things we really liked, and the only place that we saw that had that. The food was outstanding; it was great. That's one of the things that I think sets it apart. We ate in a little private area, and the chef brought the food in on a cart and served it to us. He introduced himself, and he told us about himself. He has a master's degree in culinary science. He is from Biloxi, Mississippi; he cooks Southern. As far as activities go, they have a movie theater. The movie theater is a dedicated movie theater. It has these movie seats that you see in home theaters. They're leather reclining seats that are very comfortable, and they have the first-run movies that show every day. A couple of the things that we like is they have happy hour every day at 4:00pm, and you get two free drinks." ReviewerRD#061621m

"It is easy living and wonderful. Everything is taken care of, including personal maintenance team. They keep the shrubs and lawns cleaned up. It is pretty, and I like having my own little cottage. They have a picnic every Friday at the meeting cottage, Bible study group, meal plan opportunities, and more for the residents. I would recommend Highgrove to anyone who is independent and a community that takes care of their people." Janice R. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"I visited this facility. I am going to try to move into Highgrove at Tates Creek. What drew me to it was the fact that I could have an independent housing experience, that means I could have my own garage, my own front porch, and my own yard; that was the most appealing thing about it. When I met with the independent living coordinator, then later with the other personnel, they were so helpful, and so interested. The people that I met there were very friendly and welcoming. I like the activities they are offering. In fact, I was asked to help them start a Bible study because they knew my background. I've already taken part in the activities and started to get acquainted with people. The dining room is open all day, so you can eat at your own convenience, and I like that option. The people are friendly, and the activities are interesting. There is something for everybody, so I can do as much as I want with the community, and I can eat as many or as few times as I want. I can participate in anything that they offer, but I don't have to, though it is an appealing list. Everybody that I've come in contact with has been helpful, and really go above and beyond to help me. The move-in coordinator went with me to Lowe's to buy some extra shelving. She left the premises with me to go shopping, and I thought that was an extra bonus. Everything that I've experienced has been positive. The people are welcoming, and they know my name. They have already accepted me as a resident. I've had several meals there, they have a new chef, and I'm pleased with the food." Diana

"Abbye, What a day for my sweet dad! Thank you for all of your efforts to make the big day a very special one for my dad and his children as well. I know you can relate how difficult this COVID situation is...throw in losing your wife and spending Thanksgiving, Christmas and now your 90th birthday without your loved ones. All of this has had my stomach in knots! You and the staff at Highgrove helped to make this day one that he will always remember. Jill, Michael and I appreciate all of your assistance with the outside birthday message and the celebration during Happy Hour. So wonderful! Thank you again and again. I know he probably drives you crazy with all of his 'suggestions,' but he has said on numerous occasions what a fine administrator you are for Highgrove. Wishing you all the best as we get through these challenging times." Ann T.H.

"Hi, Abbye! Tim and I just want you to know how much we appreciate your proactive response to procuring the virus vaccines for our Highgrove community. Thank you so much! We also are very pleased with the leadership you provide us! You make us feel supported and cared for. Carry on ☺️!!" Sincerely, Rita T.

"I picked Highgrove at Tates Creek for my mother. It was very competitive in price [and] a first-class place. But most importantly to my mother, a 97-year-old bridge player, they had a lot of bridge players there. She loves to play bridge and she would be able to play every day here. The staff is very efficient, very friendly, very accommodating and very courteous. They welcomed me to come by at any time, even though they are having a COVID crisis like everybody else, so I have nothing but high praise for them. It was a very nice room, a studio apartment, with a nice sitting area in addition to her sleeping area, a little kitchenette area, a large bathroom area, and nice closet spaces. They offered to repaint and re-carpet. Very impressive, I really liked it. I saw the food, the people eating and they appeared to be [enjoying the appetizing food]." Patrick  (Caring.com)

"Thanks, Kelsie, I feel so like you do. I have a changed life in a new location and am so thankful for choosing Highgrove as my new home. I am now so close to my daughter and family, which is where I should be and all of you have become my friends. What could be better? I look forward to many good years here in Lexington, although I do not like the winter weather at all and never will, what a small price to pay for all my happiness and new friends. Happy New Year to all of you and much love and happiness in the new year." Bonnie W. 

"We had an in-person tour at Highgrove at Tates Creek. We're in the process of moving in. We went ahead and signed a contract. We're in a rental agreement with them and we're slowing moving stuff. We only live three to four miles away and so we're moving a lot of stuff ourselves. It's excellent. The staff is very good, no problems. We had lots of questions and they were very accommodating. We did not do food tasting. With the pandemic, they're kinda limited. Due to the virus, they didn't give us a tour of the dining facility or the assisted living. We just strictly went to the cottage area. It's very nice. Everything was very clean. It's got two bedrooms and two full baths, which is really nice. It looks like it will work out really well for us." Gary (Caring.com) 

"Recently one of your wonderful team members at High Grove at Tates Creek shared a video of my mom singing one of her favorite songs, 'Jesus loves me, yes I know, for the Bible tells me so.' Happy is not a strong enough word to describe how I felt when watching the video - I was overwhelmed with joy. Thank you so much!" Ken H. 

"Kelsey thank you so much for the fabulous time that you took out of your day to show my parents around. All the ladies we met, all the girls that were just so wonderful. Thank you, I am so grateful that I have met you. Your facility is absolutely beautiful and everyone of you are just remarkable!" Christine

Mary M.

"We are so thankful to have our parents at Highgrove and appreciate all you have done, are doing and will do for our parents! We feel so blessed to have our parents be a part of such a caring community!!" Kay

"I would very much like to commend all of you on how you have handled the COVID situation. I cannot express my gratitude enough as a healthcare provider who appreciates your hard work to follow the strict guidelines. The severity of this virus is unbelievable, and you have done an outstanding job in keeping the residents safe. I realize this is not an easy task, as most of the residents do not understand the full process. We are so blessed to have our loved ones at your facility. There are some in town, as I'm sure you are aware, that are NOT enforcing protocol. I cannot thank you enough for going the extra mile in keeping our family safe!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love and appreciation." Leslie C. (RN) 

"Thank you for the lovely gift box...it made my day amid these trying times. I look forward to meeting you (hopefully this summer) and like what I see about your Independent Living facilities. Thanks again and stay safe."  Janice R. 

"Dear Shay and Kelsie, What a lovely thing to do--you sweet ladies know how to brighten someone's day. Thank you for the delicious surprise! Your gift package includes two quarts of tomato bisque: my favorite soup (how could you know that?). I enjoyed ham sandwiches for supper and such a favorite choice of desserts--YUM. You have fixed me up for days.

When I get cabin fever, I go for a drive, then have a cup of tea when I get home. And I can have one of your treats while I read a good book. I am well. My prayers and good wishes include the staff and residents at Highgrove. Be well, good friends, and I hope it is not very long before I can be there, too." Jackie

"Oh my goodness, I can’t tell you how great it is to hear this and express how much I appreciate your taking the time to write! Until yesterday when my sister-in-law said that she actually smiled, not a minute went by that I didn’t feel guilt and worry about how miserable she was. I’m so glad the anti-depressant is working and that she is expressing her feelings to Lisa.

You are a wonderful person and High Grove is lucky to have you and Lisa as part of the organization and community (and so are we family members)! Thank you, again." Mary D.

"Our cottage is comfortable and adequate for our needs. We think it's wonderful that we found this kind of a place to live, with the help the staff gives us." Bob B.

"Professional and caring environment… I was very impressed with the staff and the amenities… Definitely my number one choice..." John D.

"The people at Highgrove are amazing! I can't put into words how kind, accommodating, and caring they were to my loved one. I joked that I would move in in a heartbeat, but it's true. If they would take me and my family. If you have a loved one that needs memory care or assisted living this is the place to go. Each and every person touched my heart." Amie G. 

"I'm Lisa Stamper, Memory care Director at Highgrove. I have worked at this facility/company since before the doors opened! I enjoy everything about my job...my residents are like my family. My co-workers are like family as well. Staff respects and encourages our residents to have their Best Day! If you have not seen our facility...I suggest stopping by and having a cup of coffee...or our resident's favorite famous sweet tea! You will gain pleasant company and smiling faces always! Wonderful place!" Lisa

"Fabulous staff, beautiful well appointed common areas and grounds, with outstanding amenities! Having moved many residents into both the main building and the Cottages, we have heard over and over how much our clients love their new home and are so happy with the decision to move to Highgrove. The Cottages are the perfect transition to senior living and still having all the comforts of home! I would highly recommend Highgrove at Tates Creek!" Robin J.

"Moving my parents (89 & 91) to a senior facility was a major decision! After comparing senior living facilities in Lexington, I felt that Highgrove was the nicest and best suited for my parents' needs. The move was traumatic for my parents (as expected), but the staff at Highgrove has gone above and beyond my expectations. I receive frequent updates on their status, and I am amazed how aware the staff is of my parents' involvement in daily activities and their moods. They love having people to talk to, and enjoy the dining room. Preparing food was difficult for them, so they would drive to restaurants. Getting them off the road is a big relief for me!! My parents still miss 'home,' but Highgrove already feels like home to me." Anonymous Google User 

"We brought our mother here in February of 2018. Prior to that time, we had around the clock caregivers for Mom. She was losing her independence and socially deprived. Since she moved in, she has gained independence, all while still having the safety and security of trained staff to give us peace of mind. She loves so many things about Highgrove. She loves the group outings, the exercise options, the periodic live music, her new friends and staff, and especially the daily happy hour! My family is grateful we found Highgrove for Mom." Rose K.

"I have had the privilege of working with the team and they are great! Very knowledgeable on the tour as well! Highly recommend if you are looking for a clean, professional and cozy place." Erin G. 

"We just had to share how wonderful Glenn, the man handling transportation for our patient/your resident was today. We have many issues with other places not bringing patients to the door, dropping patients off and not picking them back up, and your van driver was very professional." Stephanie F., Baptist Health Medical Group/Neurology 

"Highgrove is an absolutely wonderful place, the directors and staff are completely committed to providing a tremendous quality of life for their residents." Eric S.

"Absolutely love this senior living facility. My mom has been a resident since Highgrove opened in April 2017. The love and care she has received goes beyond measure! The staff is top-notch and go beyond the call of duty to provide a warm, safe, loving environment for all of the residents. One truly gets a sense of family as soon as you enter the front door. As far as activities, there is always something going on within Highgrove or outings in the Lexington community provided by the Activities Director via the beautiful Highgrove van. Last but not least, the full-service dining room is always a happening spot! The food is good and dependable. The Chef and servers do a fabulous job of keeping the residents happy. Highgrove @ Tates Creek was definitely the BEST choice for us!" Grace J. 

"Highgrove at Tate's Creek is a wonderful community for senior living. The atmosphere is lively, there are constant activities and events for residents and the staff really gets to know every resident and are like family. Highly recommend." Levy B. 

"When looking for a place for my Mom, I came across Highgrove. What an amazing place. I know there are several choices out there and of course I wanted the best option for socialization and really just a place that she could maintain her dignity. The food is delicious, the courtyard is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the serenity. They have so many fun activities that Mom is never bored! The entire staff is totally amazing as well. I highly recommend." R. David Slone, Google

"We take a great interest in the organizations that work with our clients. As people start to 'empty nest' and move into different stages of life, they consider retirement communities. Highgrove is by far the best we have seen. The sense of community and activity is obvious. From the great food to the happy hour, it was easy to see that the people staying there had a sense of contentment and enjoyment. Upscale senior living at its best." Kentucky Home Team, Yelp

"Had a loved one who needed help with her daily care. We toured Highgrove and were very pleased with the facility. The staff walked us through the process, providing us with the information and peace of mind we needed. We have found everyone there to be super nice, providing care and dignity. We are in their memory care unit. They have activities for their residents and we are pleased with Highgrove." Anonymous, SeniorAdvisor.com

"I'm so proud to be a part of the Highgrove team! As Community Relations Director, I get to see our residents have fun and thrive in our beautiful community. We also serve as a resource for all things senior living. We truly believe everyone should love where they live." Shay Spradlin, Community Relations Director 

"Would you PLEASE let all the wonderful staff at HG know how much we LOVED today's family event!!! Everything was wonderful, right from the front door with the very nice valet gentlemen. Our children loved the bounce house, of course, and the magician, but the balloon artist was a very special touch! She was truly gifted and the smiles on the faces of our little ones was priceless! Our parents were thrilled to share this event with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. As mother said to us as we left: we made another special memory! We truly appreciate your support and care for them and we look forward to participating in more family occasions. Thanks again."  Debi C. 

"I first want to tell you how absolutely wonderful the festivities were last night!!!! I am not kidding you...it was absolutely wonderful to see the residents, families and staff having such a great time. I also noticed there was something very unique about you and your employees...they not only were there, but they seemed to be happy and joyful they were there!!!! This is a huge compliment to you and the facility!! The attitudes and very caring demeanors were shining and I am sure many had worked all day or even came in to help?? It was amazing to see such warm and caring individuals mingle with the residents and their families. I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of genuine feelings of 'we care'!!! I am so happy that Mom is making the transition with such wonderful people and professionals. It is not an easy job and every day is not great, but you have certainly defined the culture and expectations!!"  Margie S's daughter

"We have nothing but positive things to report about Highgrove. Our 87-year-old physically active mother was in another assisted living/personal care facility for over two years. She loves it here at Highgrove with the food, activities, friendly staff and many friends to socialize with. They provide assistance with her daily medication administration and transport her to some of her extra activities several times a week. She is glad not to have to depend on her children all the time to get her where she wants to go! They have been very accommodating and we feel she is safe and well cared for. Most important to us is that she is so much happier since her move. Moving a parent is never easy, but this was a great decision!"  Anonymous, SeniorAdvisor.com

"These folks seem to really care about their residents and their well being. The facility is beautiful and the food is great. Great social programs. You won't be disappointed!" Anonymous, SeniorAdvisor.com

"High grove at Tates Creek was excellent and it was my friend's first choice. They showed us a list of activities and all the facilities. They're going to have around 50 activities a month. I would say they're all rated very high when it comes to that. The rooms were more of an apartment type." SB, Caring.com

"If there was any place that I could live when I become chronologically advanced, it would be Highgrove. This place is the best!!" Raina F. 

"It's the people--the grounds and building are beautiful, but the staff and directors make all the difference. The kindnesses and attention that have been shown to my husband have been inspirational." Marta H. 

"We love Highgrove at Tates Creek! The administration, staff and residents are the best. My mom has been a resident at Highgrove for six months. She has received fantastic care and made a lot of new friends. To me, Highgrove is much more than a senior living facility. It's like a big warm family!! We couldn't ask for anything more, thank you!" Anonymous, SeniorAdvisor.com

"Highgrove kind of had all those aspects that I was looking for for my mom. For instance a lot more normal kind of lifestyle things: the club, the happy hour, the ability to go out, outdoor living, which is really important to my mom. And she had the ability to choose from the options that they had here. Dining that would allow you to order from a menu, those kinds of things.

I think that with mother here, I feel it's given her some safety, some security, while still honoring her independence. And that's been a comfort for me, that I'm not thinking she's by herself. She's very social and she has lots of friends. Lots of activities, which she did not have in her condo. My husband and I were her social outlets, probably for quite a while." Kathy W.

"A great place to work with amazing residents!" Blake G., Google

"The facilities are top notch. The staff is very kind and thoughtful. They go above and beyond to make the residents feel at home. The supervision is outstanding." Lexington, KY Family

"When I first entered the door at Highgrove, I knew I had found the right spot for my father to reside. He is respected and cared for in a safe and lovely spot. My husband and I have frequently commented that we hope we are as lucky as he when we reach his age!" EJH, SeniorAdvisor.com

"I felt I should make the change. I was getting older, my husband and I are getting older, I have a big home. And so I thought I should make that change. And I saw this building going up and what I saw I liked. Opening day, I came and I fell in love with it. From the management all the way down, absolutely great.

The chapel I do appreciate having because I visited it the other day and they have a mass every last Friday of the month. I look forward to that and that's a nice feeling right there. And if I have nothing better to do, I walk up to the chapel and there's always someone there having a service. That's a nice feeling, too." Dot H.

"After searching and visiting many communities in Lexington, we found the perfect home for our parents at HighGrove! They are still able to live together after 66 years of marriage because of the support and care of the amazing staff here. Dad has been the primary caregiver for mom since she developed Alzheimer's. Living at Highgrove has given him the help and assistance needed for her. They love having neighbors and not feeling so isolated as before. They've even connected with some church friends here! I can't say enough about everyone who is a part of the Highgrove family. They have provided wonderful guidance in helping us navigate through the moving process and decision making. The ladies who care for mom are amazing and so patient. We were impressed with the memory care unit being in the same building if needed. Thank you, Autumn, for always having an open door. Many thanks to the wellness nurses who are so helpful and always available. Thank you for your endless smiles and answers to any questions! So many to thank for making each day a little easier and brighter for every resident at Highgrove. It's very comforting to know that your loved ones are being cared for like family." Mary Beth R., SeniorAdvisor.com

"My mom just loves this place. It is friendly, helpful and fun. The staff goes above and beyond what is asked of them and they have been patient with me who is a novice caregiver. Every day is a new learning day and they help get us through it all. Great job and keep going!" oakmontusa, SeniorAdvisor.com 

"Highgrove at Tates Creek is by far the best place I have ever worked. Everyone on staff is so friendly and helpful. I look forward to coming in every day and seeing all of our wonderful residents."  JoEllen H. 

"My father, who is 94, moved to Highgrove in May of 2016 after living independently. It was his choice after seeing the beautiful facility to make his move to assisted living. The staff has been outstanding with attention to every detail of his needs."  Marilyn155526, Caring.com

"The staff is what really makes Highgrove a 5-star facility. They are so helpful, informative, caring and genuinely concerned about the residents. Even though it's only been a short time my parents have lived here, I have peace of mind knowing they are in such a great place. From the time we first met the staff at move in, it was a positive experience."  Susan C., SeniorAdvisor.com 

"Great staff, highly recommend!" Gwyn E., Google  

"Employees care about residents, treat them with kindness and respect. They are available when needed." Anonymous, SeniorAdvisor.com 

"Highgrove is a wonderful place to work. The staff are very caring, always have a positive attitude and make the residents feel at home. " Erica R., Yelp

"Highgrove at Tates Creek is a beautiful senior living facility. My mom has been a resident at Highgrove for over a year and we love EVERYTHING about it! From the administrative staff, across-the-board we couldn't ask for more. My mom has adjusted nicely and refers to her caregivers as 'family.' We have found Highgrove to be a loving, caring environment and the perfect place for her. We are so grateful. Thank you!" Grace J.  

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